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Extending your institution's service with relevant fintech providers.

Our Experience

InvestGlass delivers a platform professional advisors have dreamed for many years. IT teams love it because we have tech capabilities to aggregate data all in one place and this changes the way they run their business and ultimately how they serve their clients.

Our Philosophy

The platform is highly customisable and built to serve advisory and discretionary portfolio mandate. The platform is hosted with SafeHost - swiss based servers, with banking level security. Those servers provide a solide and secure environment and facilitate connectivity to third-party service providers.


Progressive Levels of Integration

Progressive and meaningful connectivity.


InvestGlass is a true SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider. InvestGlass respects the ability for firms to select the best software for their core back-office.

Custodian agnostic

Before the market opens - position reconciliation and system uploads are aggregated into the system in the morning.

Open mindset

InvestGlass supports an open database architecture that facilitates the exchange of data with third party technology companies through its application programming interface.

API and flat files

While our API has already been used to integrate with many application providers, we can accommodate connectivity to your existing custodian partners.

Selected your Third-Party Partners

InvestGlass facilitates business integration and offer to our partner access to a new dimension of clients. As our partner you offer the best-in-class services to help clients thrive in the complex investment processes. Let’s develop together.

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