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Made in Switzerland Since 2014

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InvestGlass aims at supporting wealth advisors daily activities. Robots are killing bankers business but we won't let this happen. Do you know why? Because InvestGlass empowers wealth advisors to serve their customers smarter and faster than any robots.

Our customizable platform helps you to deliver the right message at the right time to the right investor. Save time, money and offer a truly individualized experience to your customers.

InvestGlass SA is a Swiss incorporated company based in Plan les Ouates, Geneva. Our developers are based in Geneva, our entire platform is designed locally and is hosted in Swiss bank level security servers.

Fintech Spirit

Sebastien Thevenaz and Alexandre Gaillard are committed "builders". They started InvestGlass in March 2014 from scratch. Built a complete solution thanks to their belief that transparency is key for wealth advisors. Diego Milla joined them the following year as head of data.

Their bet is that professional investors need artificial intelligence to hand off regular back/front-office processes as to experience a dramatic time and resource savings.

Our logo

The InvestGlass logo is investor centric: the point at the center of the logo symbolizes the client and the circle around it represents the range of products offered to him.
The design of the logo was inspired by Marcel Duchamp roto relief and the stylised representation of standard error.