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Top 5 Tips to Build a Professional Robot Advisory Website

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New - Fully Customizable Digital Customer Engagement

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InvestGlass provides a comprehensive, beautiful and modular digital customer engagement orchestration platform to manage digital interactions at anytime.
Digital onboarding and origination is simply a “must have” for any modern wealth and asset managers. If you want to share investment proposals, custodied accounts, videos, PDF, InvestGlass digital solution is the ultimate feature to keep your digital clients.

InvestGlass offers a beautiful and modular turn-key solution to fully digitalize your customer on-boarding, reducing 70% cost and 90% time by automating paper and manual distribution.

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Follow this step by step experience - no programming is needed.

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Onboarding Solution #2 within your branded InvestGlass for private access

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Widget blocks customisation

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Client Portoflio news and more

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What's new Summer 2018

New Features - Summer 2018

We create an all round experience for your business

Later in Spring , we improved the portfolio management system with a performance - time weighted average system, anti-money laundering flags and the introduction of a new asset class crypto currencies and ICO. InvestGlass portfolio management system is now ready to satisfy institutional-grade portfolio construction and rebalancing. We improved the client relationship management system with additional KYC fields and a new relation feature. Relation aims to link your contacts into company / trust / family. This CRM feature is particularly interesting for asset managers and brokers. Specially made for financial advisors and asset managers looking to share content with their customers we improved two features: The “storytelling filters” to spot the right story to share with the right investor at the right time. More digital portal customization, where you can choose which widget to share with employees and clients’ groups.


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Calling all new InvestGlass users! Join us next Tuesday, 24th, webinar at 10:00 a.m. CET, to learn the ins-and-outs of InvestGlass most commonly used apps. We will share our latest development for GDPR, MIFID2 and Swiss LSFIN. See you next week!

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