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  January Genius Bars

Happy New Year and merry Christmas for our Russian friends! We hope the new year found you and your loved ones with health and happiness. Are you looking to get net new money and increase return on asset? Then the next Genius Bars are made for you! 

Frederick Kermisch, bankers' coach will introduce you new techniques helping you reach your net new money goal while Nicholas Hochstadter of Performance Watcher will show how you can benchmark your clients' portfolio against their peers. Events will take place at Linear Investments office in London and Sequoia in Geneva.
  • Genève - Mercredi 9 janvier à 9:00, Dev Com' Petit-déjeuner
  • London - Monday, January 14, 2019 - 5:30 pm, presented by Frederick Kermisch
  • Genève - Vendredi 18 janvier à 8:30, présenté par Frederick Kermisch
  • Genève - Jeudi 30 janvier à 17:30, présenté par Nicholas Hochstadter

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