5 Ways to Get the Most out of your Call Report - Sales Notes

You know that salespeople don’t like to take notes. This is something we all get. It’s quite painful to store our interaction into the CRM but if you know how to write short and efficient notes you shall boost your productivity. As we don’t like to take notes, we collect here five easy tips.

Bad sales notes lost deals

If you don’t take good notes, you will not retain prospects and clients' information. Would you sell financial products or investment strategies, it will become harder to remember investors' interaction if you don’t write down their objections… worse if you work in team and you are calling the same client asking twice the same question… this, is really annoying! Before you give a phone call, looking at the previous notes easily prevent this mistake. Bad notes are as inefficient as no-notes. We suggest you to monitor at least once per week your colleagues' notes to make sure that you understand the team progress. In team, managers are interested to know what happened in a meeting. Writing notes helps salespeople to delegate "quality check" and make their manager happy again. Here is what should not do :

1. Taking too many notes or too long notes

2. Not taking any notes

3. Writing notes that only you can understand

4. Writing partial notes with reference to previous notes

To make call reports notes useful again here are tips for account managers.

1. You should write short notes

Focus on the most useful content. InvestGlass helps you store images, videos, and PDF to share directly with your customers. For example, instead of copying into the call reports the whole KIID structured product detail, you would attach this document and make it visible into the client portal. Long notes are boring and often hide actionnable insights.

InvestGlass Vault and E-banking

2. Focus on actionable information

Notes are meant to record past action but more importantly to record action needed in the future.

Which fund did you sell? Did you discuss about the pricing? What is the deal close timeline? What is the client satisfaction? Recording actionable information will make next sales interaction easier. Client satisfaction is also very helpful to quickly filter sales that did not go well. From InvestGlass Call Report, there is an easy manipulation to filter unsatisfying interactions form the Call Report monitoring page, then build objection sales book into each security. Storing collective intelligence will make your next call more convincing. 3. Actions items and timelines

Did you say that you would call back a client? Do you want to share with them key documents? Call report is the way to store key data. The note should be simple : what was promised, to whom and when is it supposed to be done. Instead of sending email, here you will enable document visibility on the e-banking portal. Reminders will store your « to-dos ».

4. Tell your team what is mandatory

Taking notes is not salespeople favorite tasks. The best way to keep them short and concise is to explain to your team exactly what call reports notes are to reflect… if you are selling funds then you want to add a security to this call report. If you are promoting investment mandates, then you want investment solicitations to be stored into InvestGlass document vault. Finally, if you wish to motivate a transaction, you will link a call report to a TransactionID. Do whatever works for you but make sure that everyone knows what is mandatory and compliant! In a MIFID and LSFIN FIDLEG world this processes are mandatory and now easy to implement with InvestGlass.

5. Call report hygiene

Like washing your teeth, call reports is a routine that you should implement quickly. Notes should be useful, and concise and should be reported as soon as possible when clients’ interactions are still fresh in your mind.

Call reports can be backdated and for larger meeting you can add multiple contacts to one call report… if you organize a breakfast presentation this is the best way to report all securities, documents at once. This will make your audit trail seamless and help you blast key document into your investors' portal instead of sending emails.

Take concise and useful notes, and enjoy selling again!

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