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February 2018

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February 2018

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PSD2 Is Coming - How Will You Adapt?
Day 2 - Countdown to #MifidII - InvestGlass
Day 3 - Countdown to #MifidII - InvestGlass
Day 4 - Countdown to Mifid2 - InvestGlass

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French elections 2017! How to hyper target your advice?
Better, faster, always-on. Welcome to the future : InvestGlass Chatbots
nvestGlass - MIFID2 & the Future of Wealth Management
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Webinar February 9th Live Webcast on Youtube
Webinar 21 mars - Tirer profit de MIFID2 avec InvestGlass
Webinar Français - Special Discrétionnaire et Conseillée
Webinar March 30 - Mass portfolios rebalancing - Faster and Smarter

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