Build perfect relationships, stay connected and focus on what you do best : selling

Why InvestGlass?

Reach, qualify, and trade

Every company is unique but all companies want to find, advise, sell to investors. InvestGlass has the tools you need to grow your pipeline and make more sales.

Which Key Performance Indicator?

  • Increase Net New Money

    Bankers, Sales
  • Generate Pro-Active Leads

    Brokers, Sales
  • Enhance Marketing Distribution

    Marketing, Compliance
  • Enhance Fee per Human-Time

    Bankers, Advisors
  • Increase Asset Profitability

    Bankers, Sales

Which role?

Engage & Monitor

We have what you need

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InvestGlass is the only sales automation solution that gathers a powerful CRM, content management system, KYC, artificial intelligence 

and an open community of partners for bankers, family officers and asset managers 
in Switzerland, Europe and Asia in an area of complex regulations MIFID2 & PSD2.