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Chatbot - Chat robot is a conversational tool which sites on chat app such as Facebook, Wechat, What’s App, Skype or Twitter. They can automate huge portions of your business, marketing, and reducing operations costs. If your clients use SMS only - it works too!

Bots can automate your customer service and marketing efforts and help you engage more effectively with both current and prospective buyers. Bots are relatively easy to build and maintain, as long as you have the right tools at your disposal.

InvestGlass is offering to their clients white label scripts and connected apps.

Automate, Analyze, Assist

Business logic

Respecting suitability and appropriateness rules for content distribution. The chat bot is built for complex financial questions.


Whether you are using your portal, Wordpress or RSS feeds we adapt your chatbot to target ther right audience.

Event assistant

Set up meeting and calendar notifications for upcoming events, financial events, and more.

Messaging integrations

Support for SMS, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Twilio IP Messaging, native platforms, or custom webhooks.


Track conversation and messaging metrics with simple tools.

Human Transfer

Transfer to human sales when customers require more support.

When using Chatbots?

InvestGlass helps your connect your chat bots to your preferred customers service solution. When questions are too complex to be answered by bots - your customer can go for a "human transfer" and then your agents can deliver a customised customer experience.

How bots and humans collaborate

1. Client is asking questions
2. Chat bot is answering
3. Client is asking human transfer
4. Chat bot transfers to human agent with question
5. Human agent takes over
6. Human agent answers to client
7. Human passes control to bot
8. Human starts a new chat bot flow

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Ready to use scripts

Quick emergency news
Forwarding to appropriate human
Buy - Sell basic securities
Complaint resolution
Mailing list or service subscription
Booking a meeting with a sales
Get detailed answers and definitions
Purchase inspiration
Complex orders transmission MIFID2
App consolidation
Business information

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Our AI understands and answers complex financial requests

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