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InvestGlass is committed to improve professional investors' workflows. Providing superior tools backed with artificial intelligence is the key to improve return on asset and compliance enforcement.

All-in-One Sales Platform

With more than 40 core functions InvestGlass is empowering your whole sales cycle.


Definition of goals, risk and providers. Improve your results and compliance screening.


Engage smarter and faster - we have the markets covered. Deliver a genuine service to each client and we assure you that your conversation rate will increase.
CRM + Portfolio Diversification & Consolidation

CRM + Portfolio Diversification & Consolidation

A pure B2B solution for discretionary portfolio management or advisory. Apply pre-advice check and generate branded investment proposals. Aggregate portoflio "synchronised-night batch" and "simulated" to offer an agnostic view of your clients holdings.


Artificial intelligence powered up leads to follow-up in a timely manner so that you can qualify them quickly.
Proposal Builder

Proposal Builder

Investment proposals can be branded with your logo, corporate colours and appropriate disclaimers.
Client Facing Portal & Call Report

Client Facing Portal & Call Report

Delivering the right financial information at the right time while respecting the suitability rules is a daily challenge for advisory desks. InvestGlass has been built by advisors for advisors looking for a time saving platform.
Trade Blotter & Breach Flagging

Trade Blotter & Breach Flagging

Generate pre-trade checked - compliant trade blotters with master and child constituents.

The most complete wealth solution

Simple. Beautiful. Customisable. Efficient.

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  • Account aggregator
  • Call report
  • Client facing portal
  • Client relationship system - CRM
  • Compliance and constraints machine
  • Content management system - CMS
  • Custom securities
  • Execution trade blotter
  • Financial data for price and news
  • Pre-trade and pre-advice flags
  • Funds data and prospectus
  • Leads generated with artificial intelligence
  • Marketing tools emails and calls
  • Multi-lingual support
  • On-boarding form
  • Portfolio rebalancing
  • Price alerts
  • Risk & compliance mechanisms and flags
  • White label robot advisor

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InvestGlass is the only sales automation solution that gathers a powerful CRM, content management system, KYC, artificial intelligence 

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