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Digital Onboarding

InvestGlass lets you engage new prospects and take them through a simple and seamless onboarding process over mobile. Answers are collected into InvestGlass CRM.


Stop using Excel and old CMS. InvestGlass CRM and CMS aggregate data which matters. With InvestGlass CRM, you gather contact information, KYC, mandate, MIFID2, investment preferences. With the CMS, content can be published easily and efficiently. You keep control on who can access which piece of PDF, video.

Accounts Consolidation

Aggregate and consolidate your financial information by streamlining and optimizing operations across data : equities, bonds, forex, private equity, funds, collectible, art, and trusts. Consolidation is based on automatic data upload - flat file & API or manually imported transactions.


For separately managed accounts, InvestGlass has the most efficient rebalancing tool. Inject your model portfolio, link customers’ portfolio to custodians feed and InvestGlass generates trade blotter for all portfolio at once at the format of your order management system.

Your Investor Portal

Delight your customers with your branded portal. Offer direct access to portflio, research, MIFID2 flags, live chat and more. You can customize your portal with no programming.

Risk & Compliance

Flag dozen breaches : concentration breach on a portfolio and security level, suitability, appropriateness, money-laundering threshold, non-compliant securities, volatility, CVAR, price daily variation, money laundering flags and more.

Leads & Call Report

Stop wasting time on useless leads. Sophisticated artificial intelligence scoring ranks leads and deals so you can focus on building high-value relationships. Interactions are stored into MIFID2 compatible call reports.

CRM Adoption for InvestGlass Users

Sales doesn't stop when you're not at your desk, so neither should your CRM's capabilities.
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