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InvestGlass is the inside sales CRM-CMS of choice for financial advisors, sales and family office. Increase productivity with all your sales communication in one place.

Enforce compliance rules

Business activity reporting

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Incentivizing ROA increase and cost control
Thanks to InvestGlass - we stoped digital wars nonsense. We stop believing all this made-up nonsense of different generational needs and the blaming cultures that result from it. InvestGlass figured out our similarities and our expectations when it comes to creating highly inspiring investment processes.
Ana Muller, asset manager firm london

The manager challenge

Without modern tools and digital processes, my bankers and advisors will fail to drive customer engagement.

Machines are tools - not competitors.

InvestGlass is key for assessing suitability and appropriateness, managing client assets, best execution or reporting on transactions.

On the go, InvestGlass terminal is the most flexible platform for financial professionals who need price data, news and analytics to make smarter business decisions.

Commodities / Derivatives / Equities / Fixed Income / Foreign Exchange
InvestGlass aims at supporting sales advisors daily activities. Robots are killing our business but we won't let this happen.

Do you know why?

Because InvestGlass empowers people like you to serve their customers smarter and faster than any robots.
Alexandre Gaillard, CEO & Founder

Special Features


  • Cost and revenue analysis
  • Out-of-the-box report
  • Pre-advice Sales Insights
  • Marketing efficiency reporting
  • Contact frequency reminder

Right Action, Right Time

Tags and filters help you personalize and mass produce investment illustrations.

Consolidate Your View

Stop wasting time on useless leads. Sophisticated artificial intelligence scoring ranks leads and deals so you can focus on building high-value relationships.

Boost CRM Adoption

InvestGlass is carefully designed to make your team enjoy their sales pipeline progression.

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