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Digital Onboarding

Would you on-board one customer per week or 50 per days, InvestGlass has powerful tools you need.

Build and embed digital onboarding forms on your website or inside InvestGlass investor portal.

Asset managers build on-boarding forms with InvestGlass platform which can be shared with their distributors such as wealth managers.


InvestGlass CRM and CMS aggregate data which matters. With InvestGlass CRM, you gather contact information, know your customer data, mandate, MIFID2 information, investment preferences.

With the CMS, content can be published easily and efficiently. You keep control on who can access which piece of PDF, video.

Security data vs client KYC and behaviour

Choose any of the assets available on the platform and evaluate them according to diverse and even seemingly-unrelated factors that could affect their performance.

Asset management rebalancing

Build your model portfolio or share it to third party distributor. InvestGlass rebalancing tool is perfect for SMA or DFM rebalancing.

Each night, InvestGlass aggregates custodian data and compares it to those models.

Use powerful rebalancing tool filters then generate your trade blotters - child and master - while enforcing suitability filters on each investor.

Connect InvestGlass to your favourite order management tool to offer a seamless and efficient trading workflow with minimal clicks and errors.

"White Label" portal to reach each investor

Delight your customers with your branded portal. Offer direct access to model portfolio and research. InvestGlass is built for B2B2C and B2B2B distribution channels.

The white label portal helps to enforce MIFID2 and allow all departments with consistent information across portfolio.

Risk and investment management

Flag dozen breaches : concentration breach on a portfolio and security level, suitability, appropriateness, money-laundering threshold, non-compliant securities, volatility, CVAR, price daily variation, money laundering flags and more.

Track transactions versus call reports

Stop wasting time on useless call report. Sophisticated tracking system reconciliates transaction ID, OMS ID and Call Report ID. You can connect InvestGlass to a voice, SMS, email recording system to seamlessly enforce MIFID2.

Digital keystone for asset managers

Grow your asset management business with powerful web apps. You can start from scratch or choose from over 20 fintech made apps.

Ultimately showcase your financial products and in-stock models, research with a beautiful layout.

CRM Adoption for InvestGlass Users

Sales doesn't stop when you're not at your desk, so neither should your CRM's capabilities.
Per month per Advisor License

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