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for crypto and ICO

One-stop Solution for Crypto and ICO

InvestGlass is the only sales automation solution that gathers a powerful CRM, content management system, KYC, PMS, and artificial intelligence.

KYC Digital Onboarding

Through the APP or a chatbot - define investment goals, risk and providers and check identity against AML, LBA, PEP lists.


Stop wasting time on useless leads. Sophisticated artificial intelligence scoring ranks leads and deals so you can focus on building high-value relationships. Whitelisting of customers.

Client Facing Portal

Grant access to your investors thanks to a token - "anonymous system". Manage customer token balances. Publish branded investment illustrations to present relevant risk metrics.


Aggregate and consolidate your financial information by streamlining and optimizing operations across data : ICO, crypto, but also equity, funds, collectible, art, and trusts.

Latest news

InvestGlass gathers crypto and ICO latest news. You can log clients interaction with InvestGlass Call Report connected to news feeds.


Build technical charts and share them with investment illustration on PDF or your branded investor portal.

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InvestGlass offers a streamlined solution for wealth and asset managers.

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