Offer an ultimate transparency
into alternatives

Portfolio Management

Get a high-level overview of your portfolio companies.

Quickly see how much capital is utilized, what the expected returns are and easily evaluate overall risk.

Keep track of which existing portfolio companies require additional funding, who has enough capital to grow and which company will require additional capital deployment in the near future.
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Deal Flow Management

Stay on top of your deal flow cycle thanks to smart tagging and a powerfull CRM.

Make weekly partner meetings easier to manage thanks to Leads.

Keep Track of Files and Notes

Store key documnents into InvestGlass and build Call report linked to these documents. Store different versions of their decks.

Always review the latest file versions and never lose track of notes or insights about a specific prospect thanjs to InvestGlass Call Report


LP Capital Raise

Manage raising capital for your future funds in an easy and visual way. Detail the funnels of all potential Limited Partner deals and plan future fund capital structure based on LP commitments.
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250 CHF/€

Per month per Advisor License

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