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Build Your Practice as a Consulting Partner

Let's succeed together!

Who Are the Consultants with InvestGlass?

Before you start your search, let’s make sure that when we talk about consultants InvestGlass we’re talking about the same thing.

Consultants with InvestGlass are: 

  • Trusted InvestGlass experts who join forces with our customers to select, implement, and support exceptional solutions. 
  • There are more than 20 consulting companies on InvestGlass. All consultants are keen to solve your problems.

Ready for action?

  • Co-branding is such an important aspect of the partnership between InvestGlass and your practice. Done well, co-branding builds your credibility, helping your prospective customers learn about your association with InvestGlass and see how your InvestGlass practice can help them succeed ! Co-branding takes care and attention.

  • Add InvestGlass Badges to your Website and Communications

  • Create a InvestGlass-specific Page on your Website with a basic information about the nature of your InvestGlass relation. You can offer there a little description of InvestGlass, and use InvestGlass logo.

Marketing Strategy

  • Develop a complete approach to your straty with InvestGlass products and partners. It's quite easy to design marketing plan that will address the objectives of your prospects. InvestGlass will help you with genuine content and resources to build your videos and pdf.

  • Have you already proven that this activity works for your business? First are you targeting the right people? What is the goal of the activity? What is the temperature of your list?

  • What is your Call To Action? What are you trying to get people to do? What is the added value for these prospects and customers?

  • How are you setting goals for your team and the activity? What are you using to measure success? What methods are they using for tracking closing?

Learn About Project Phases and Revenue Streams

  • As a InvestGlass partner you will get all kind of requests from your prospects and clients. We want to make sure that you will have sufficient information to help them at the right time. Let's dive into the sales cycle and phases from advice, pre-sales, build, deploy and revenue streams. 

    You will find the following phases, but aren’t limited to:

    • After launch support
    • Consulting Customisation
    • Data Migration
    • Integration
    • Specific Developments
    • User Training
    • One time Maintenance
    • Run

    and this for the following objects, but aren’t limited to:

    • Advisory
    • Alert
    • API
    • Automation
    • Compliance
    • Contact report
    • CRM
    • Custom fields
    • Data migration
    • Documents, File
    • Employees
    • Form
    • License
    • Marketing
    • Model Portfolio
    • Monitoring / Reporting
    • Navigation menu
    • PMS
    • Portfolio Template
    • Server
    • Settings
    • Strategy
    • Suitability
    • Tags
    • Template
    • Universe Compliance / List
  • From the early stage we suggest you to understand the first obejective of implementing a CRM platform. Banks want to partner with a team that can identify their business problems and propose solutions. Delivering a fast and efficient solution is key to success.

  • Another way to simply capture the need is to find out


    Capture Discover



    Deliver Implement

    Connect with fintech



    Support and teach
    Adapt automation
    Optimize and connect with new solutions



Learn About Project Phases and Revenue Streams

  • Welcome into InvestGlass action ! We suggest that you have the following functions when you drive a new deployment.


    Account manager
    • Get new leads and manage sales channels and customer relationships
    Project manager
    • Make the project live and build the project timeline
    • Collaborate with operations
    Business consultant
    • Assist customers with high-level strategic decisions, planning, and problem solving
    Solution architect
    • Consult with clients and fintech partners on technical and business challenges related to their business process
    • Ensure that InvestGlass meet their business goals
    • Develop solutions compatible with InvestGlass framework and API
    • Produce high-quality digital designs, content from InvestGlass form to integration with other SDK
    Deployment specialist
    • Deploy InvestGlass on the ground with clients 
    • Follow deployment quality checklists and ensure quality and efficiency
  • To build a perfect practice we encourage you to participate to InvestGlass marketing efforts and producing Webinars, Documentation in local language, luncheon or meetup and target workshops.